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It's Safe. Emails are not stored.

Syncler doesn't store email body, attachments or other sensitive information. It works just as email relay. We use oAuth 2.0 and SSL certificate to provide user authorization, so no user credetaials required or stored in our database, it's not needed. It's totally safe for you.

It's Work. On any device with email client.

Syncler works on any platform where you can run email client. So any mobile phone (including old-school ones), tablet or PC. You are not tied to use only your work or home PC. Just paste special email address (syncler) into Bcc, Cc or To from any device and magic will happen.

It's Easy. No apps, extensions.

Forget about unsafe and buggy browser extensions, authorization problems, modal pop-ups etc. No additional extensions, applications, software required. Just send email to special address (syncler) and it will be synced for a few moments. Syncler use native ways to work with email.